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Role - UI/UX Designer
Team Size - 4

ICIC Bank organise the Appathon Season 2 on 2017. Techaroha Solutions submitted the concept to transfer money from contact list to anyone, I was the part of techaroha solutions team as a UI / UX Designer. We were shortlisted at top 10 contestant from 3300 participants globally.

App Goals
  • Easy Money Transfer
  • Instant Payment
  • Mobile Handy money transfer
User Goals
  • Small transaction easily
  • Avoid lengthy process of money transfer
  • Money receive in bank at any place

Work Flow Money Transfer from Contact List

Clear Information Architecture / User Simple Work Flow

Work Flow

Design Process

Ideation / Crafting Pixels / Supporting Developers
  • Use case analysis
  • Design Work Flow
  • Design Mockup and Prototyping.
  • Usability test and design modifications
  • Development by Programmer (someone)
  • Presentation
design process of money transfer from contact list

Money Transfer From Mobile

In 5 Steps User can transfer money very easily


Tools Used

My Best Knowledge Skills Use to Design Project
Job Use Tools Version
Gathering Requirement Email, Phone, WhatsApp and Meeting Google Drive
Wireframing Axure RP9
Mockups Design Photoshop, Illustrator CS4
Development Java - Andriod Studio (By Programmer) Latest
Mobile Testing Andriod Mobile Latest V - Manual

Mockup Designs

Simple UI / UX Design | You can view in large scale or download designs