Project View

Role - Web Designer
Team Size - 1

This is an responsive website in English, Hindi and Marathi Language which provides the all information about the tea brand named Amrut Chaha based in Nagpur. It will be a biggest tea shop brand throughout the India. I am working as a Web / UI / UX Designer. I involve in end-to-end design and development process for this feature. As well I am handling the services of social media for the same.

Business Goals
  • Aware about the best tea.
  • Increase the Brand Value
  • Incrase the number of outlets
  • Increase revenue.
  • Increase customer engagement.
Customer Goals
  • Drink best tea of India

Introducing Amrut Chaha Responsive view

Clear Information Architecture / Simple Flow / Amrut Chaha Design Elements

amrutchaha mobile view

Work Process

Our best practices of work process helps to deliver a project on estimated duration.
Application Development Process
  • Analysis - Discussion with client & Understand requirement
  • Planning - Information Architecture & Design Wireframe
  • Design - Mockup Design
  • Usability testing and design modifications.
  • UI Development FrontEnd - Conversion from PSD to HTML
  • Testing & Release - Manual testing by client & team to Launch
  • Support

Design Process

Ideation / Crafting Pixels / Supporting Developers with UX / UX Design Activity
  • User Research
  • Face to face interview (discussion) with users
  • Competitive Analysis
  • User Persona
  • Design Documentation
  • Wireframe Design (Low fidelity)
  • Interactive Prototype
  • User Testing
  • Interaction Design
  • Usability Testing (after designed mockup by UI Designer)
Application Development Process


Simple UI / UX Design

UI Design Elements

Meticulously Designed UI Elements
Grid Layout
Container layout
Element Color Code Color
Light Color #c7840f #c7840f
Dark Color #280600 #280600
Used Description
Font Family PT Sans Caption
Web Icon Font Awesome
h1. Heading 1 2.5rem
h2. Heading 2 2rem
h3. Heading 3 1.75em
h4. Heading 4 1.5em
h5. Heading 5 1.25em
h6. Heading 6 1em
p 1em
Button type 1 dark button
Background Color #280600
Border Color #c7840f
Border Weight 1px
Font Color #c7840f
Font Size 1rem
Border Radius 25px
Button type 2 Light button
Background Color #c7840f
Border Color #c7840f
Border Weight 1px
Font Color #fff
Font Size 1rem
Border Radius 25px


PSD Designs

Tools Used

My Best Knowledge Skills Use to Design Project
Job Use Tools Version
Gathering Requirement Email, Phone, WhatsApp and Meeting Google Drive
Wireframing Axure RP9
Mockups Design Photoshop, Illustrator CS5.5
Development HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap4.0.0, Javascript, Jquery, PHP Latest
Browser Testing (Desktop) Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explore Edge, UC browser Latest V - Manual
Browser Testing (Mobile) Samsung Browser and Google Chrome Latest V - Manual
Server (hosting) Linux  

Additional Services

Setup today's very essential services which helps the website gets much more viewers on all search engine and social media

  • Setup Meta Tag Title, Description, Keyword of business on website
  • Generate Sitemap and upload to Google
  • Setup Google Analytic
  • Google Webmaster Search Console Setup
  • Google My Business Account
  • Create Social Media Accounts : Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google, Youtube, Location, Whatsapp
  • Website Link to Social Media
  • Email Accounts

Handling Services

Sign the AMC contract to serve the best to the customers

Website and its maintenance

Updation website and backup to save the data

Digital Marketing

Provide the all social media services

Hosting (Server)

Provided the linux base hosting along with email Id's